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Inspired by the traditional sacred music of Syria, filmmaker Amar Chebib travelled to Damascus and Aleppo in 2010. Six months later the revolution began, escalating into a bloody civil war and the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. Touched by the harrowing experiences of the friends he made, Wajd transformed into the stories of three musicians turned refugees.

Over five years, we witness the struggles of Ibrahim, Abdulwahed, and Mohamed as they face their traumatic past. Forced to rebuild their lives in exile, they turn to their love of music to help them find meaning in the aftermath of destruction and atrocity. Intimate footage of their daily lives weaves together with bittersweet musical performances, extremely rare Sufi ceremonies, and poetic imagery of a pre-war Syria that no longer exists. What unfolds is a cinematic meditation on loss, yearning, and faith.

“Chebib crafts a constellation of experience where narrative time oscillates between the sweeping, rare footage of pre-war Syria’s cultural majesty and into present-day formations of refugee life.”

- Arab Film & Media Institute




Syrian-Canadian filmmaker Amar Chebib began making videos in his youth while growing up between the Middle East and North America. He attended the Vancouver Film School and has since made various award-winning short films, music videos, and commercials around the world. Amar is currently based in Vancouver and works globally through his production company, Luminus Films. Wajd is his first feature length documentary.



With a MA in Film from Goldsmiths, University of London, Dima Alansari has been producing documentaries since 2006. In 2008 she co-produced the 2D Imax film Journey to Mecca narrated by Ben Kingsley which was distributed by the National Geographic and received numerous awards. When not producing Dima also acts, teaches, and writes between Vancouver and Beirut.



With her background in contemporary art, communications, and marketing, Lindsey Ridgway has been combining her skills with her love of filmmaking since 2012. Since joining Luminus Films in 2015, Lindsey has produced a series of short documentaries and branded content including People Make Vancouver and the City of Vancouver’s Renewable City Series. Lindsey currently lives and works in Vancouver.



Sean Farnel has been working in creative documentary for some 20 years. He founded the documentary program at TIFF, the popular screening series Doc Soup, and was the first Director of Programming at Hot Docs. His company, SeaFar North, provides marketing, sales and distribution services to independent documentary producers worldwide.